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A Genie Romance Series

Your wish is my command!

Six Genie Romance Hot Reads!








The Final Six Genie Romance Hot Reads!








On an enchanted Kingdom of Aria, full of Warlords and Witches, a sex-craved Grand Duke and the sexual-deprived Grand Duchess are wedded but he has a wandering eye for the ladies. That makes his jealous wife furious. Now, he wants a sexy chamber maid. The duchess has no idea how far she will go to claim her hunky step-son as her lover, to punish her cheating husband and to make the intoxicating beautiful maiden disappeared for good.

Between horny dragons and lusty wizards, a bodacious babe is caught on an alien planet called Gilmour. The over-sexed beasts and the wicked brutes are desperate to mate with the magical princess only to face a bigger threat. Can her hunky hero save her before she’s ravaged?

Uh-oh! Someone lost their mojo. As Porsha accepts her bad fortune of being ‘Bottled’, she is given an opportunity for her freedom if she completes a dangerous mission or not, she faces the bottle for eternity. She needs to convince a miserable Emperor of Zürichy to join forces to fight the Dark Wizards and the fire-breathing dragons or else, all hope is lost.

If the impotent ruler won’t be swayed, could three naughty wishes do the trick or she’s out of luck for good?

Something fishy this way comes.

When a cocky Arian Warlord jet fighter is shot down by the wicked wizards and the fire-breathing dragons, Captain Chase Takins desperately needs aid against the perilous seas filled of killing-machine sea-monster and the luscious lustful luring sirens. He encounters a genie bottle floating in the deadly waters, but the seductive genie refuses to grant his three wishes. Swim or sink, could be his last undoing?

The space wars are in full swing with dark creatures swarming everywhere. An oversexed troll snared a genie bottle meant for different charge. When the lustful troll wishes a threesome with the sexy genie, Poet has to do strange things to outwit the vulgar beast.

Desire is the name of the game. When Paisley gets caught servicing the enemy’s horny master, a hunky warrior is desperate to free the sex-slave genie. The prize will go to the person who desires it the most.

In a world of one-eyed Cyclopes, one brave warrior dares to rescue a sexy genie condemned for eternity. Instead of liberating her, he finds a hoard of trouble and danger trying to free her.

When a hunky wizard wants to deflect from The Dark Wizards’ Wrath of Terror, a seductive genie is caught in the middle of the dangerous deadly conflict trying to grant his wish.

War. A destructive force. A loner. He was trained to be a ruthless killer, a deadly assassin for the Dark Wizards. All his life, he’s kept his enemies close, and his darkest secrets closer….until a bewitching genie breaks through his shield. A lust dilemma.

He wants her in his bed for eternity.

She wants her freedom, no questions asked.

He stumbles upon a devastating secret hidden from birth that threatens to turn his life upside down.

War is brewing inside of himself.

Can he win her heart or lose everything, including his entire life?

There’s a thin line between love and hate, especially for step-siblings. When his sexy step-sister is cursed by the bottle, her cocky step-brother steps in, only she doesn’t want his help. Danger creeps in when the pair is stuck on an enemy ship filled with Dark Wizards. Her big brother warlord has a couple of naughty conditions before he fights for her. Can the stubborn genie swallow her pride or risk her home planet being destroyed?

General Phoenix R. Phillips has been locked up in poisonous chains in the sinister dungeon. When a genie bottle lands in his cell, the luscious can’t use her genie powers. They’re trapped. The brave warrior must set her free before the vile wizards uses her powers to destroy their home planet but how?

Born a half nymph and other half incubus, Legion Loxias is an ultimate player who feeds on rich women.

He just got played.

Immune to his seductive powers, Nirvana is his for three wishes until her next master comes. For her, sex is nothing except a lusty playground for horny men and their carnal desires.

When he falls for the intoxicating genie, he does anything to please her. But if he grants her freedom, he risks losing her…forever.

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