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The Kingdom of Starz

PART ONE: The Seven Deadly Sins


She is the daughter of the Deities. She is the Goddess of Justice. She is no ordinary angel.

He is her faithful companion. He is a mighty warrior of Heaven. He is no ordinary angel.

Ordered by the Keepers of Heaven, Shax must protect Christabella from harm. The lines between duty and friendship become clouded as they discover a passion unlike any other. A sinister plot threatens to rock the heavens to its core. Forces promises to destroy their love and could ultimately rip them apart for eternity.


Bound by duty, a fiery preacher’s daughter is forced to marry an unknown man. A powerful air warlock is ordered to seduce the virgin with pleasures of the flesh. In danger of a ruthless fallen angel, he’s assigned to protect her as well. The natural attraction between fire and wind are quickly blurred as they’re swept into an insatiable desire, bringing her closer into flames that torments her soul. Sephora discovers a shocking secret that threatens to turn her world upside down.


All hell breaks loose when a hunky warlock gets cursed by an Archdemon. She leaves him parting gift, an elixir of lust. Two millennia later, Asmodeus senses something new in the heart-breaking man, a possible spark of budding love.

Enter a Sister of Holy Trinity.  Smitten by the shifting beauty, his body craves only her….and his cock doesn’t work on any women. Running for his life, he must do anything to seduce the feisty babe. 

In order to break the two thousand years curse, Josephina has to declare that she loves him in return.

That’s impossible. She loathes him.

Tick-tock…Time is running out.

Seduction is the name of the game.


What does an angel have to do to get her wings back from an Archdemon? The simple answer is to fight like Hell. Spunky Gemini has a knack pissing people off. First the whip-yielding Archdemon Beelzebub, then her sex-craved Captain Dirk Swine and lastly a major bitch witch, Lieutenant Callista Ellis who claims the angel stole her hunky warlock. There's a thin line between love and hate but Callista wants her man back bad. All three are gunning to drag her right to Hell...again.

Coming Soon
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