Love, betrayal, dark magic, wicked witchcraft…hold on to your broomsticks, this ride is definitely going to get bumpy!

Starlette Silverstone wants nothing to love and romance, but she’s getting married.

Kantian Xane Steele is a playboy prince that always get he wants...And he wants her.

In an alternative universe known as Empathica, Starlette is charmed in her sleep. She is transported to an uncharted island full of untamed beasts, soulless monsters. Danger is lurking everywhere in a deadly ring of intergalactic hunters for the ancient race of Ètoiles.

Lovers’ heart racing, she must choose between the reality and her dreamland, sacrificing her whole existence on Earth, including her domineering mother and her loveless fiancé behind to live in an exhilarating planet full of gorgeous warriors. There’s a catch…The planet is forced into a horrific war where the young females are hunted down and destroyed.

She might not survive in both worlds.